Making Magic

Every little boy and girl wants to believe in magic. The idea that anything is possible. I love the imagination and belief that children have and wish it was possible to carry it through to adulthood. We want to keep this magic alive so are embarking on fairy portraits.

The next question we had was how to make it possible? We saw it as there being two ways. You could green-screen most of it. Take the photos against a mostly empty space and edit in the magic later. Which while it would create a beautiful image, but doesn't seem to be in keeping with childhood wonder. Then you have the added problem of trying to get children to intereact with objects and scenery that isn't there. This creates a situation which even Hollywood actors working on the latest blockbuster can find weird!

Therefore we realised we have to make it real! We want it to be interactive, fun, a proper experience. Lets build a proper garden in the studio, filled with foliage, toadstools, rocks and all things magical. We'll lock the door and make our fairies use a magic key to gain access. They can explore at their own pace and revel at having been transformed into a real life fairy. That way when we look at the pictures, that look of wonder, or gaze of amazement is real, an actual moment, captured forever.

In a world thats turning more grey by the day we want to bring back the sparkle, make an escapist experience where for n hour of so we're all just magical fairies capable of doing anything!!