Unbreakable Bonds

As we come to the end of our second month, I find myself trying to take a step back and reflect. Life is so busy, running a business as well as a home. I wouldn't have it any other way. But sometimes you just need to pause and take a breath. Reflect on what it is you have and say thank you. The moments where I pause are when I get home to Luke and our precious little monkey Huey and he shouts for milk. This is when I realise how lucky I am.

As he cuddles in all snuggly warm, a look of pure content and ease on his face I remember how important I am. Which as a busy mother I usually push my needs, wants and importance to the back of the queue. But in that moment I am my sons whole world. His safety, his comfort and most importantly for him his dinner haha.

These moments in life last for such a small period of time. Even if you do carry on until they say so. In the grand scheme of things it's over in the blink of an eye. But the bond will always be there in one form or another and I think that's beautiful.

Of course what they don't tell you is that this bond can be a double edge sword. The lack of sleep for a year plus (as the bags under my eyes can prove!) The inability to go anywhere alone. The impact it can have on your mood and mental health. A topic which I feel is often brushed under the carpet by health professionals and media. Much like the topic in hand itself.

And the problem is, no one can fully understand the impact both good and bad until they have been their themselves. Even partners who are there day in day out can't completely understand as hard as they try. I'm sure we have all seen and loved the joke where the woman is sat up in bed watching her husband sound asleep mouthing obscenities. And it's funny but it's also sometimes true. I've reached moments where I just wanted to cry I was that tired, and similarly moments where I have wanted to cry with happiness. The one thing all feeding mothers need to realise and remember is that you have the inner strength of the Hulk.

And that is why want to celebrate all feeding mammas! When we started I new I wanted to do something to help normalise breastfeeding but also give mothers something which they can look at with pride. A beautiful image of them and their little one, in that candid moment. Their close bond obvious, their strong connection apparent.

Because these images are beautiful and they deserve a wall space next to the newborn and birthday photos. The problem is they have been deemed taboo by the media and society. Seen as inappropriate or vulgar. I even had problems with Facebook when I created our nurture session post. I was told I could not use the image in question because it was deemed sexually explicit. Now that really annoyed me. Because I would challenge anyone weirdo to find anything sexual about a baby having a snack. And this is exactly what we want to change. Or at least help change.

Rome wasn't built in a day...but we'll take it one booby baby at a time.....