Now apply them....

Life is unpredictable....this is what I have learnt lately. Not only that but you yourself can be. For 26 years I thought I knew who I was and what I was likely to do in a situation. Safe, reasonable, predictable to a point. Willing to take a risk but only to a limited extent. Yet here I am, sat at a desk having left a secure full time job that I trained extensively for to go back to my creative roots.

I'm a mother and a wife, I am lucky enough to own my own home and had a respected pharmacy job which the work itself I loved and still do. However after returning from maternity leave I found myself this it? Stood in a dispensary where pressures from above had been slowly taking over the work since I began a number of years ago. My perception of what was important in life having drastically changed from having our son. Suddenly targets didn't seem like an aspiration but rather a chain around my neck slowing compressing the life from within. The love I had for the profession, the desire to learn, explore new treatments, research and training......


Because that isn't what working for corporations is about anymore and honestly, it broke my heart in two. Having to remove those rose tinted glasses of everything I had believed and trusted in for all those years.

And there it was, an opportunity.... studio for sale.

I am not a person who takes risk, not with money, life, any uncertainty scares the bejesus out of me. Yet my imagination started to run away with itself. We could do this. We always wanted to use our university training and creativity but could never see how in a rat-run world.

One of my biggest inspirations in life has been Arthur Conan Doyle and his character Sherlock Holmes. The way the character can see the world like no one else. The way his brain can process information and piece it together. It taught me over the years, that it's okay to be different and to see things that other people may not. He once said "you know my methods, dear apply them."

So here I am, Lunia Photography. Starting out in the world. Terrified but excited, to take our way of thinking and show the world what we can do. Because no one can stop us now, we have the freedom which we never had before to run away with our imagination and to take all of you with us.